DFS in English

Sunday School of the National Church of Denmark

1. What is Danmarks Folkekirkelige Søndagsskoler?
The organisation was originally founded in 1883 as an organisation associated with The Home Mission in Denmark (Kirkelig Forening for den Indre Mission i Danmark), a movement of mission within the evangelical lutheran Church, the National Church of Denmark. In 2001 the independent association Danmarks Folkekirkelige Søndagsskoler was founded. The association relies mainly on donations.

2. Purpose and ways of working
The purpose shall be to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children in order to lead them to him and in order that the baptized may remain in Christ just as they were implanted on to him in baptism (Matthew 28, 18-20). The preaching shall be in accordance with the Bible and the creeds of the National Evangelical Lutheran Church. We try to endavour our purpose by gathering the children for playroom-clubs, sunday school, children's clubs and juniorclubs. The entire work is lead by a Country commitee and the daily routine is lead by the national children's secretary.

3. Extent
Danmarks Folkekirkelige Søndagsskoler is the biggest sunday school organization in Denmark and has connected play-rooms, sunday schools/children's clubs and juniorclubs. The purpose of the central work is to encourage and strengthen local work, provide materials and offer courses and assistance of advisers.

4. Employed staff
The sunday school organization has children's advisers, who have the following task within their geo-graphical area:

- Contacting each of the districts in the area
- Contacting each club
- Trying to start new clubs
- Conducting cources
- Camp work

Besides above mentioned the following are employed by Danmarks Folkekirkelige Søndagsskoler:
- Staff at the office
- Adviser for materials and courses 
- Informations adviser
- Editors
- Leisure time advisers
- National Children Secretary, who is the daily leader and is also responsible
  for the qualifying of employed and voluntary workers

NB: All employed staff is employed and paid centrally.

5. The Sunday School organisation
All children and leaders in the clubs can be members of our organization. A childrens counsil is elected by the members of each club to take care of the local work. Besides these local counsils each member aged 16 or older has a right to vote to one of 49 district councils. The chairmen of these district councils elect the managing board of our organization, the country council.

6. Voluntary workers
All over the country the sundayschool organisation has voluntary workers working in playroom clubs, sunday schools, children's clubs and junior clubs.

7. Publishing
- Text materials for children
- Materials for the leaders
- Material for children and juniors
- Public Relation material

"Superfrø" for children from 4 up to 9 years is published 10 times a year.
"Små skridt" is a magazine of information, which is sent out freely to all our friends and interested people 4 times a year.

8. National arrangements
- Annual general meeting
- National course
- Province courses
-  campaigns
-  every year in week 34


9. District-arrangements
Denmark is divided into 49 districts and for the workers in these districts, is among other things, the following held:
- Evening courses
- Family oriented meetings
- Summer camps for children and juniors

10. Further information
If further information is needed, please contact us:

Danmarks Folkekirkelige Søndagsskoler
Korskærvej 25
7000 Fredericia
Phone: +45 8227 1216
Mail: kontakt@soendagsskoler.dk


Steen Møller LaursenLandsleder
Direkte:8227 1207Mobil:3072 3843Email:steen@soendagsskoler.dk